Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Quick Trip

Oh gosh, where have I been?!

Well, not on blogger, that's for sure..

Sorry about the delay and lack of bento box pictures, unfortunately I haven't packed any bento boxes for quite a while. I ended up picking shifts that I didn't have time to prepare lunches for and then I had my family come to visit, and so no bento lunches there either.

However, we did make a trip to our asian market Uwajimaya and bought some goodies to show you. I tried to go for interesting stuff that you probably don't see everyday, and I believe I was successful. :D
First off we bought some of this ginger honey crystal tea. Nana was feeling ill and we decided we needed something with a kick to help her get over it. Holy crap... this stuff has a kick! The ginger is surprisingly spicy but the honey adds enough sweetness that you don't need to add extra sugar. Next time we decided we'll use more water and less crystals. Still, worth a try if you're a fan of ginger.

We also got some yellow curry to try. We had some awesome Chicken and Yellow Curry in Georgia, and we've been craving more. Instead of spending a bunch of money to buy all the ingredients we're going for some canned stuff to start off with. I'll let you know how it goes.

Next we have some Korean chips called: Tako chips - Octopus flavored! My Mom didn't like them at all, and Nana refused to try... but they are quite tasty! They taste a little bit like seaweed, with a slight fishy flavor, but not too strong. The flavor is light, but the smell hits pretty strong. I'll probably stick to eating these snacks at home so I don't scare away my coworkers and customers with octopus breath.

Another snack I got were the Shrimp Flavored Chips in Hot Garlic flavor. The brand I got is an American company, but I've heard these are quite popular in Japan. They're definitely different, but very tasty. Again, Mom didn't like them, and Nana wouldn't try, but I enjoy them. They are just spicy enough to eat a whole bag without needing milk, and the shrimp flavor is a nice little tang.

If you ever have a chance I definitely suggest grabbing a bag of these interesting chips. Or any other kind of interesting chip. It's always worth trying, at least once.

What is the weirdest flavor of chip you've ever eaten? Would you eat an Octopus chip just to try, or are you lacking the bravery?


  1. I'd try the octopus chips. I love all that weird crap you find at Uwajimaya. Jesse made me eat a pork rind, does that count?

  2. I myself am not a fan of pork rinds. Ickky