Monday, January 3, 2011

Number Ni

I have a confession, friends. I ate lunch at work on the 1st of January. I know I know! It hasn't even been a day, and I broke my resolution? What the hell is the matter with me?!

There are reasons; let me explain. At work we occasionally have a day that is going to be especially busy. On days like that the company gives us all a free lunch. So there... it was free. I figured: I could eat this free lunch of deli sandwiches and soup, save my wings for the 2nd, and have a new bento on the 3rd! It worked out even more perfectly since I closed on the 1st, and opened on the 2nd. Ah, blissful sleep would be mine!

One of the worst things about working in retail is that you end up closing one night, and opening the next morning. This isn't so bad since my work closes at a reasonable hour, but I love sleep. 8-9 hours a night is just about right for me. So what is a girl to do when you get home from work, then have to be back in 11 hours? You definately don't want to spend that 2 hours you're not sleeping cooking. So you cheat, and move all your planned lunches back a day. Ah, the beauty of bento.

Now, as I said earlier, I'm not afraid to stick all sorts of food into my little box. It doesn't have to be Japanese, no matter how blasphemous that may seem.

I wanted something easy, tasty, and something that wouldn't make too much food. Spaghetti was what made the cut.

Took about 25 minutes to whip together, and makes a lovely little lunch.

Sadly, this wasn't some homemade sauce. I admit, it came from a jar. However, I love to spruce this stuff up.

I start with some mild italian sausage, some onion, and garlic. Saute that until the onions are tender and the garlic/sausage aromatic. I then add the sauce and heat through. Delicious! Unfortnately, I was out of spaghetti noodles, and didn't have time to make them, so fettuccine noodles did fine.

Now, what do I have with this? I decided some mixed veggies, fruit and garlic rolls were a great idea.

Broccoli, raddish, and carrots for dipping.

Yummy, sweet, tangerines.

Once again, I ask: would this be something you'd like? What do you usually eat with spaghetti? Are you having a good day?

Let me know!

Guess what time it is?! It's time to look at some more of my cute bento stuff. This is my Tomo Tomo box.
It says: Let's enjoy a time with me! Let's indeed, little box!

I love this things, it's perfect for holidng the little things that just won't fit when I stuff my box full. And, I love giraffes, even if I had to look up how to spell giraffe.



  1. Is the tomo tomo box also a bento box? Those fettuccine noodles looked so good in your sghetti. And I love the cloth bag you tied it up with?

  2. I'm in love with the idea of this all, and I'm so happy you're not sticking to just Japanese cuisine!

    The tomo tomo box is adorable (my nephew calls giraffes: "Jaff!") I too am wondering with Katie what the difference between a tomo tomo box and a bento box is, if there is one?

    I love the idea of this.... I may spend some time looking into your recipes and then form a habit of this myself :P

  3. The tomo tomo is just a form of bento box. Instead of having multiple layers, it's just one simple box. It'd be good if you needed an extra side of something, or were having a small meal.

    It's like... japanese tupperware. :D