Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day Off

Today is a magical day. Today I can sit around in PJs and knit, and watch tv, and play video games, and cook, without being rushed by time! How awesome. I do love having a day off.

Last night I didn't even get close to finishing my lunch. It was *way* full, and very delicious. So today, I'll probably end up having left over bento box for lunch, and really, that's okay with me.

Instead I thought I'd talk a little about what got me into the magical world of bento. I had heard about it a couple of times. I do really enjoy the Japanese culture (weird as it is) so I had seen bento boxes in use in a couple different ways.

But the real magic happened when I watched this video:

I actually think this is the same video that got me into Cooking With Dog. I love this You-Tube channel. It's my very favorite, and I've watched all the videos at least 3 times. If you ever want to try some great Japanese dishes, this is the cooking show to use. All the portions are meant for about 2 people, so it's perfect for the boy and I. It is a little tricky to change around some of the measurements, but that's what google is for!

Anyways, back to the bento aspect. Unfortunately, I've never made a bento box that kawaii, but seriously... look a that woman's knife skills! That bunny is just a work of art! And what cute octopus sausages! I saw this and I knew I wanted to eat like that. Someday, I will make something that cute, and I can't wait to show you when it happens.

After that video I started doing a lot of searching for other bento related pages. One of them that I found was Lunch in a Box. Unfortunately, this website hasn't updated in quite a while, however, she had a lot of really good posts to look out, plenty of resources, and some tasty recipes. Also, the forum is a really nice community for both beginners and true bento enthusiasts.

So there you have it. The two pages that made me realize: I can totally do this! And do it, I shall.



  1. I love watching those cooking with dog videos. I'm so glad you reminded me about them!

    Have you ever made that box that's in the video? It looks so tasty.

  2. She is so fast and good and calm. I wish I could cook that fast and clean. It's funny how they take the time to make everything look cute and appealing. Like the sesame seed eyes, I would totally skip that!